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Ryyst is a community of people excited about living every aspect of our lives holistically well.  With an emphasis on stress reduction and lifestyle  management we share creative ideas for cultivating lifestyles that support our wellbeing!  We look forward to having you become a part of this creative, fun, honest and compassionate community!

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Ryyst focuses on mind, body, soul and spirit self care.  Our community shares information, ideas and tips for every aspect of living well.  Why join?

  • Access to weekly meditations; 
  • Be first to hear about special offers, podcast releases and announcements; 
  • Take Masterclasses on topics ranging from stress and anxiety reduction to sleep tips to various meditation techniques; 
  • Participate in discussions lead by Tanya that take deep dives into wellbeing with goal setting and accountability strategies;
  • Receive Ambassador gifts and perks; 
  • Private Members Only Discussion Board
  • Have the opportunity to participate in Ryyst retreats and events.
  • And more! 


Work with Tanya

"Sleep shouldn't be a luxury but it should certainly be luxurious."

Tanya has worked in the area of holistic health and wellness for over 25 years and has a passion for helping her clients live holistically well.  Deep, restful sleep is the foundation of wellness, impacting everything from mood, clarity and memory to blood pressure and metabolic health.  Tanya's expertise working with clients in the areas of stress & anxiety management and sleep enhancement have positioned her to help you develop healthy habits that will allow you to experience all four stages of sleep for optimal brain/body wellbeing.

Using her customized Ryyst approach, Tanya uses a wellness & bedroom assessment (virtual or in person if local) to help clients determine what is needed to get optimal sleep and awaken refreshed. 


A Big Thanks

Thank you so much for joining our tribe!  By becoming a member of the Ryyst community you are helping countless people create a holistic lifestyle that reduces stress, supports their rest and cultivates deep, restorative sleep for overall wellbeing: Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

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